Why Use A Realtor?

1. Education & Experience
As in any profession Realtors have experience and education that the average person doesn’t. There is an old adage that essentially says; “when you hire someone with more knowledge it proves how smart you are”, of course you want to hire the right Realtor.
2. Realtors Are Insulators
By that I mean, they take much of the pain out of property showings and act as a shield throughout negotiations. They know how to filter out the lookers and induce written offers from the serious buyers. If you are purchasing a new home they keep the builders agents from taking advantage of you and as a buyer you don’t pay for their services, the builder does. How great is that!
3. Area Knowledge
Good Realtors possess a firsthand knowledge of the most desirable neighborhoods. They know where you can get the most home for your money, which areas have historically proved to provide the greatest increase in valuation and they know which neighborhoods will support and enhance your lifestyle.
4.The Price
While Realtors don’t select prices for sellers or buyers, their knowledge of the marketplace and their negotiating experience allow them to successfully guide clients to make the right choices for

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themselves throughout the buying or selling process.
5.The Paperwork Storm
In Arizona, for example, a purchase contract can run 9 pages or more not including all federal and state mandated disclosures, addenda and attachments. Most client files average from one to three inches in thickness and contain enough boilerplate legalese to give you a permanent headache. One mistake or omission could land you in a court action or cost you some serious money. Let your Realtor deal with the paperwork storm.

If there was a sixth reason on my list it would be this, good, no make that Great Realtors are there for their clients after the sale becoming a lifelong resource.

If you are interested in a no obligation free 30 minute phone consultation call Nancy Laswick, your Scottsdale Area Realtor, @ 602-793-1627 or email Nancy@NancyLaswick.com