Watch Your Kids Around Water

Last year in Phoenix more than 20 children drowned and dozens more were severely and sometimes permanently injured. The tips that

follow come from the City of Phoenix and if followed can help keep your family from becoming a statistic.

  • Know where your children are at all times.
  • Use an approved barrier to separate the pool from the house.
  • Never allow children to be alone near a pool or any water source.
  • Have life-saving devices near the pool, such as a pole/hook, or flotation device.
  • Keep large objects such as tables, chairs, toys, and ladders away from pool fences.
  • Post the 9-1-1 number on the phone.
  • Do not allow children to play around the pool and store all toys outside the pool area.
  • If you leave the pool area, take the children with you.
  • Always have a “designated child watcher”.
  • Have your children learn to swim and never let them swim alone.

Check out free or low cost swim programs offered through the City of Phoenix

Phone: 602-262-6541