Short Sales

What Is A Short Sale?

A short sale is the sale of a property by a financially distressed borrower for less than the outstanding mortgage balance due where the proceeds from the sale will be used to repay the lender. The lender then accepts the less-than-full repayment of the mortgage (and the borrower is released from the mortgage obligation) in order to avoid what would amount to larger losses for the lender if it were to foreclose on the mortgage.

A short sale is not as difficult as most people think if you use a Realtor that has a history of success with Short Sales. Short sales can be a great way to sell your house and avoid foreclosure.

More and more lenders are allowing short sales because it actually is a better alternative than foreclosing and lenders don’t want to own homes, they’re not interested in becoming landlords or Realtors they want to lend money, however, lenders are businesses and they want to work with competent experienced real estate professionals.

Nancy has successfully closed dozens of short sales, if you are currently looking at foreclosure and want to explore your options, while all your options are still on the table, take action today and call Nancy 602-793-1627.

What Is The Making Home Affordable Program?

Making Home Affordable is a key part of the governments effort to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. If you are struggling with your monthly mortgage payments or have already missed a payment, now is the time to take action. Start today by learning more about the options available to you through MHA. Click Here to Read more about Making Home Affordable.