“Just In Case Time” & The Story Of The Lockbox Tree

“I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a Lockbox tree”.

Lockbox tree by Phoenix Realtor Nancy Laswick

Yesterday, I received a call to preview a condominium very close to my home office. The call came from an out of town buyer from Northern California who happened to be in town on business and was referred to me by an agent in my referral group.

I was familiar with the complex and we agreed to meet at the property. We agreed on a time and I left about 40 minutes ahead of our meeting even though the trip would only be about 5 minutes. I call that extra 35 minutes my “just in case time”, just in case everything goes to H E double hockey sticks.

I arrive at lockbox tree for that particular section of the complex but can’t find a lockbox with the unit number. There are three lockboxes that have no unit number on them —  no agent/broker name — no way of identifying the property or the agent.

I call the listing agents office and 20 minutes later they call back with the lockbox serial number. Great we’re gonna just make it to the property in time to meet the client but wait —- not so fast. There are no keys in the lockbox! What?!

On the chance that the last agent to show the property was too lazy to walk the keys back to the lockbox tree I check under the condo’s front door mat and bingo! The client shows up right on time and we walk in as though everything had gone perfectly.

“Just in case time”, one of the tools used by the service oriented professional.

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