Get Your Pix & Treats

Get Your Pix & Treats

For two years we’ve offered trick or treaters more than just candy when they stop by our house. If mom or dad says it’s OK we photograph the kids, (or the kids with their parents), in their costumes and email the photo file to the parents, usually within 48 hrs. The idea of a keepsake Halloween photo started in 2010 and probably came out of our “former life” in photography. We’ve always enjoyed Halloween, it’s such a fun holiday, there’s a party like atmosphere in the 85028 neighborhood, everyone, especially the kids are so happy to be out and about bagging all that candy and are usually quite proud of their costumes. It just seemed like a natural.

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Pix & Treats Pano

This year we did a substantially larger number of kids than last year. We photographed kids from Shea Middle School, Mercury Mine Elementary School and even Shadow Mountain High School.  It isn’t the easiest promotion we’ve ever done. There is a fair amount of work involved before, during and after the event but it is a lot of fun! This year we co-sponsored Pix & Treats with long time friend and photographer David Smith of David H. Smith Photograhy. David specializes in Familes and High School Seniors and did a wonderful job creating the images. My husband Scott then retouches each photo file before it goes out. I think all the families will be happy with this years results.

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween and we look forward to seeing you for Pix & Treats next Halloween!