Dorm Renter Or Townhome Owner?

Do you have a son or daughter attending ASU?. Are they renting a dorm room? If the answer is yes you might consider purchasing a Townhome or Apartment Style Flat in Tempe or even a small house because of the potential savings.

In a recent meeting with my CPA I was surprised to find out that dorm rent was not a deductible educational expense. What? Dormitory fees can meet or exceed local rents and you don’t get to deduct it from your taxes?

Fortunately mortgage interest payment and property tax payments on a Townhome or Apartment Style Flat in Tempe are tax deductible and those can add up to substantial savings for you while your student is busy earning that college degree.

Monthly payments for a Townhome or Apartment Style Flat in Tempe selling for $100K can compete dollar for dollar with dorm room fees and local rents even with HOA fees and utilities.

Another benefit is equity. Current appreciation year over year in Tempe is in the 14-24% range depending upon location but even at a more modest pace of say 8% per year you can probably do no worse than break even on a property that is only held for a year.

And last but not least as an owner you have the ability to rent that second bedroom to another student.

So to recap the benefits of owning a Townhome or Apartment Style Flat in Tempe vs. renting a dorm room:

  • Mortgage interest & property taxes are deductible.
  • Your property will appreciate in value.
  • The ability to rent to others.

There are currently 20 Active Townhome/Apartment Style Flat properties in Tempe available between $59,000 and $110,000 if you expand the price range to 200,000 there are 50 properties available.

Whether you are buying or selling a property in Tempe I offer a free, no obligation consultation.

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As an informed buyer or seller you’ll make better decisions. E-mail or call me today at (602) 793-1627.

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