Congratulations On A Great Season!

I know, I know,  they didn’t make it to the big dance, but they did win the NL West and had one heck of a season. If you remember back to mid-April you know that none of the experts picked the Dbacks to do better than 4th in the National League West. I guess that’s why we play the games, 😉  It’s a little like the doom and gloom I hear and read in the media regarding real estate and how awful the market is, with unemployment at almost 10% and the price of housing falling below pre-runup levels! Maybe it’s just me but I see 90% employment and the lowest interest rates I can remember on loans for homes that are an incredible value in any market.

But enough about real estate… Congratulations to Gibby, all the Dbacks, their new front office and of course the fans who we knew would come back to support a team that worked at winning as hard as their fans do. Cactus League Games start in less than 6 months and next year… we go all the way.