Buyers FAQ’s

1. What Is A Buyer’s Agent & How Can They Help Me?

If you have signed a Buyers Broker Agreement you are that agent’s client, if not you are their customer. What’s the difference? An agent has a fiduciary responsibility,(a legal and ethical relationship of confidence and trust),to a client.

In some states both the real estate broker/agent who lists a property for the seller and the broker/agent who works with the buyer to purchase that property are paid by the seller and both have a fiduciary responsibility to the seller. Both are duty bound to reveal to the seller any information they know that might impact the buyers decisions or enhance the sellers negotiating position.

In Arizona a buyer has the option of being represented by an agent exclusively and enjoying the very real benefits that come with that representation, such as:

Your agent must always act in your best interest. Your agent must follow your lawful instructions and disclose all known material facts related to the property including: the sellers financial condition, the properties reasonable market value, existence of other offers, contract provisions not in your best interest, etc.

Your agent is prohibited from disclosing any confidential information to the seller, unless instructed to do so, by you, in writing.

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments of your life, shouldn’t you be represented exclusively? Protect yourself, the time to secure a Buyers Agent is before you begin looking at homes.

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