A Business That Runs On Service Can’t Afford To Run Out

Phoenix Real Estate ServicesA Business That Runs On Service Can’t Afford To Run Out

If you believe what you read on web sites, door hangers, sell sheets, newspaper ads and radio commercials every real estate agent in the Phoenix Metro area specializes in the highest form of client service. It’s almost like service has become the default go to answer, like “World Peace” used to be at the Miss Universe Pageant.

So in the business of real estate what does “Service” really mean? Service can be a noun or a verb. Synonyms for service include: assistance, help, aid, favor, kindness, employment, resource.When I think about my business I think of service as a verb. A verb conveys the idea of action and service without action, especially in real estate, is an empty promise.

If all of the real estate agents who claim to offer a high level of professional service actually made good on that advertised promise we wouldn’t face many of the challenges we have to deal on a daily basis.

Whenever I travel or take time off from my normal routine I make sure my clients are still able to contact me and that I can service their needs from wherever I’m at. I know that many who are reading this are shaking their heads thinking of all the possible abuses my clients have showered on me but the truth is the overwhelming majority of my clients are quite good about not contacting me late at night or when they know I’m traveling. And I know that if they do call or email me it’s because the really need my help.

My smart phone, iPad and laptop travel with me wherever I go, whether it’s for a day trip or a week in wine country. This holiday season will be no exception, it will be business as usual. I know that will sound horrible to some agents but it’s the way I’ve always conducted my business, it’s the path I’ve chosen.

I made the choice when I first became an agent. Right out of school I understood that I wasn’t going to sell 50 homes my first year. I wasn’t going to have a large team of people to assist me or cover for me. I wouldn’t have a huge advertising budget to get my name in front of the public.

I knew that the only way I was going to be able to compete was on the quality of my service. I would have to out service my competition. I would have to offer such a high level of service that my clients would literally be “wowed” and refer me to their friends and family. It was the only way I was going to last.

I also understood that I needed to give the same quality of service to every client no matter the cost of the property or the size of the commission. One of my clients has referred me to countless friends and family after I helped him with the purchase of a property that he eventually decided to pass on.

I know that, throughout the holidays, business will interrupt pleasure it’s what happens in real estate. And I know that my pledge of superior service will be challenged but it’s the business I’ve chosen and my business runs on service so I can’t afford to run out.


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